Raksha Adhikari

Raksha Adhikari ’22

Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)

My inspiration to become a physician is rooted in the suffering I witnessed and endured in many medically underserved areas during the childhood years I lived in Nepal. Having been raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, I was fortunate to receive the best medical care in the country. However, incidents of people dying from preventable diseases or lack of access to medical care were routine, especially in remote parts of Nepal. The stark contrast between my city life and the countryside opened my eyes to the deplorable medical conditions in Nepal.

My public health education at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health trained me to view medical problems through a different lens. I learned that social determinants of health are just as important as inaccessibility to health care. I hope to be a physician who is prepared to not only care for patients, but also understand the medical ecosystem in which the patient receives care.  

I am very grateful to UNE COM for welcoming students from around the world who bring diverse perspectives and experiences. So far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my medical education, including the comprehensive training in Anatomy and the beautiful Maine beaches!