Rebekah Erwin
Rebekah Erwin

Rebekah Erwin '16

Animal Behavior History

Internship/Clinical Experience

I am currently a senior at UNE pursuing a major in Animal Behavior and a minor in History. Most people think that you have to learn about all types of history to earn a degree in it, but the minor at UNE gives you the flexibility to study the specific time periods and topics that interest you.

This summer, I earned three credits interning at Fort McClary in Kittery, Maine, where we hosted a Revolutionary War reenactment and a French and Indian War reenactment.  Among my duties, I was able to dress and act as historical characters and even learned how to fire a musket!

This experience allowed me to further explore my historical interest as well as expand my technological and social media abilities as I worked to enhance Fort McClary’s presence online. 

Students should visit the CAS Internship Office for this and other internship opportunities.

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