headshot of Richard Zheng

Richard Zheng ’19

Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)

My interest in medicine started with being exposed to various healthcare careers in high school and was further fueled with my love for anatomy. As someone who loves learning how things function, relating that to the human body brought me to medicine. I attended UNE COM directly after obtaining my undergraduate degree in physiology and neurobiology. My goal in the future is to have a career in internal medicine/pediatrics where I can focus on taking care of the entire spectrum of patients and the various pathologies that follow.

While at UNE COM I was involved in the recruitment services and served as a tour guide and email contact for prospective students and applicants. I wanted to be able to share my own experiences with applicants and help them on their journey into medicine by allowing them to make an informed decision about where to go to school. It’s the people and the environment at UNE that makes it a great place to feel comfortable, to learn, and to make lifelong friends and mentors.