headshot of Rodger Carter

Rodger Carter '21

Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)

I grew up in Columbia, MD, my mother is a holistic vet, and my dad has been a personal trainer and yoga teacher for most of my life. I graduated from the University of Delaware in December 2016 and majored in Biology, with minors in Environmental Humanities and Biochemistry. I spent two months in India, one month hiking the Appalachian trail, and two months as a backpacking guide in New Mexico in the interim prior to starting here. I decided to go into medicine for the opportunity to serve.

I am interested in Family Medicine because of the opportunities for longitudinal relationships and the breadth of practice. I have been a co-president of the Family Medicine club and we host monthly lunches with doctors, blood pressure clinics in the community, and ultrasound practice sessions. We have hosted SKY: the Campus Happiness Program, which teaches evidence-based breathing techniques, yoga, and cognitive reframing over the course of a few hours on the weekend. I took it in my last semester at the University of Delaware and the practices have been immense in staying balanced and energized in medical school.

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