Stacie A

Stacie Antonovich ’13

Animal Behavior

"My favorite thing about the Animal Behavior program was how excited the professors were about what they were teaching. Having them as interested in the subject as they were made it much more fun to go to class. I also loved how we were encouraged not only to do research within our class but also participate in the professors studies.

"I learned so much at UNE that has helped me in my job as a zookeeper. I have to do a lot of training at the zoo so learning all the different training methods has helped a lot. At UNE in the Animal Behavior program we focused on how important observation is and because of that it is easier to pick out when an animal in the zoo has something wrong or even when you need to back off and give the animal space. Right now I am a zookeeper at the Bergen County Zoo in Paramus, NJ. I am also studying for the ALAT exam and am hoping to get into biomedical research as an animal technician."