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Taylor Paquin '20

Animal Behavior Mental Health Rehabilitation

Taylor Paquin is from Bennington, VT. She majored in animal behavior and minor in mental health rehabilitation. During her time at UNE, Paquin worked within the Burman Collaborative studying how neonatal pain affects later life anxiety.

In the future, Taylor has two paths she would like to explore. If she is interested in working with human mental health, she will stay in Portland and work at a crisis and rehabilitation center. She could also see herself studying veterinary medicine and continuing her education through vet school. 

“Currently, we are examining how different stressful situations affect the presence of CRH (a neurotransmitter produced during stress). I also am working on a collaboration with Dr. Molliver to investigate whether Adenylyl cyclase isoform 2 plays a role in fear conditioning and habituation in mice.”

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