Headshot of U N E Pharmacy student Theresa Foster

Theresa Foster '13

Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Pre-Pharmacy

The curriculum is based heavily on the basic sciences behind pharmacy and the clinical application of these principles. Being able to apply basic science knowledge to clinical settings as well as experiencing other disciplines that are offered in the curriculum is one of the strongest aspects of UNE's Pharmacy program.

UNE allowed me to follow my interests and supported me in pursuing non-traditional pharmacy curriculum opportunities including multiple independent studies in research projects during the academic year, spending the summer in a research internship with a UNE professor, and assisted in applying for outside opportunities like the AACP Walmart Scholarship to learn more about academia. By having this flexibility and support, I was able to leverage these non-traditional curriculum opportunities to pursue a career in industry pharmacy as a fellow and stood out from the crowd of other Pharm.D. fellow applicants that did not have these valuable and rewarding experiences.

Another unique experience that UNE offers its students is the opportunity to work interprofessionally with other health care professionals. This experience emphasizes the fact that the health care field is diverse and all of the professions must be able to work together in order to best serve our patients.

The community atmosphere at UNE really resonated with me as a prospective student. From the dean of the School of Pharmacy to the campus security guard, everyone was extremely nice and genuinely interested in learning more about me, what I wanted to get out of my university experience, and how their position would support me getting that fantastic experience I wanted.

Career Pathways

There are so many varying opportunities that the Pharm.D. allows you to choose as a career. The best way to find your personal niche, besides actually working in the fields, is to talk with those that are in the career now. Whether it’s through attending a seminar with a guest speaker or setting up personal chats with a professional you are connected with, all are valuable experiences to help you find what career path resonates most with your aspirations and personality.