Theresa Foster, '13

Testimonial Place Holder

Theresa Foster, '13


UNE Experience

"During my two Pre-Pharmacy years on the Biddeford Campus, I developed a strong background in my prerequisite courses as well as close relationships with many of my professors. After being accepted to the University of New England’s College of Pharmacy, I moved from Biddeford to the graduate setting of the Portland Campus and got to experience everything the city of Portland has to offer. 

"At the College of Pharmacy, I was able to once again develop close relationships with the faculty outside of the immediate setting of the lecture hall.

"The curriculum with which we are first presented is based heavily on the basic sciences behind pharmacy and is evolving into the clinical application of these principles. Being able to apply basic science knowledge to clinical settings as well as experiencing other disciplines that are offered in the curriculum is one of the strongest aspects of this program.

"Another unique experience that UNE offers its students is the opportunity to work with the other health care professionals that are also studying on the Portland and Biddeford campuses. This experience emphasizes the fact that the health care field is diverse and all of the professions must be able to work together in order to best serve our patients.

"During the summer of 2010, I got the opportunity to stay in Portland and work with Olgun Guvench on one of his research projects. This experience helped me develop an understanding of computational chemistry and the process behind a career in pharmaceutical research. The subject material was challenging, but the support from Professor Guvench and learning how to work through a research question made this summer priceless for the development of my professional career."