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Tyler Riendeau '21

Environmental Sciences (M.S. 4+1 Track)


I decided to do the Environmental Science 4+1 program because it allowed me to continue working on research I had been doing since sophomore year. The 4+1 program also allows me to enter the workforce at a younger age [because I finish my masters in one year instead of two].

Another benefit of the 4+1 program is certainly the financial aspect. Graduate school is costly and this program structure includes only paying one year of grad level schooling instead of two.

Hands-on Learning

I have been working with Dr. Klak on the American chestnut restoration project since 2019. My research allowed me to meet professionals in the field and gain a better understanding of applying what I learn in the classroom to real-world situations. Most of the work I do cannot be taught from a textbook or made on a video.

That research experience also helped me gain an internship with the American Chestnut Foundation national headquarters. I worked on advancing the current scientific knowledge on the species while also working on the social dimensions of the project. That included meeting different stakeholders and possible collaborators who are interested in the work we do.

My internship experience will help me moving forward mostly on the social side of environmental consulting. A big part of consulting is the ability to work with stakeholders who might not share the same values you have. That means negotiating and working around common differences to reach active solutions.

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