Testimonial Place Holder

Vernon Chan '12


I love being in the Department of Chemistry and Physics. Firstly, the small student-to-faculty ratio allows me to know every staff and faculty member on a personal level. Secondly, the variety of expertise among the faculty is astonishing, despite the size of the school and the department. Lastly, they offer plenty of opportunities to students. The department has grown extensively in the past few years. The increasing variety of classes means that I can create my own personalized education experience within the department’s framework. In addition, I receive very generous support from them in terms of funding my research and getting recommendations.

I have been doing research since my first year at UNE. Currently, I am doing research with professors John Stubbs and Amy Deveau from the Department of Chemistry and Physics. Previously, I have spent time in Glenn Stevenson's lab in the Department of Psychology. The two labs are very different from each other. They offer different perspectives in the field of research. Most importantly, I get to know myself better through my work, because I did not realize how much I love understanding how things work and my subsequent desire to pursue graduate studies.