Vic Wilbur

Vic Wilbur ’21

Communications and Media Arts English Writing


I fell in love with the English major and the English faculty at UNE. It’s a small program, and the professors are so down-to-earth. They are willing to get to know students right away. Even now, I can go into the English Department office and have a conversation with anyone about anything. Everyone there knows me.

I’ve always wanted to pursue English. About a year [into college], I decided that I was also interested in digital media. I love literature, but I also love online writing. Around that time, I discovered the Communications major, and I decided to add it to my English major because what I really love is writing, and I wanted to know more about writing in the digital sphere. Having the double major is really great because I can combine the things I love.

I know that I want to write for digital platforms. UNE has helped me realize that. I didn’t even know that was a possibility until I was here.

Welcoming Community

Even when I was touring here, everyone I met wanted to know my name. Tour guides, people I walked by … they all said hi and wanted to know my name. A lot of them asked how my tour was going and how I liked UNE. Everyone at UNE is just so friendly. When I came to campus for Accepted Students Day, I met some of the English faculty and a few students. The faculty who were there were so willing to answer my questions and just chat. That really stuck out to me.

I feel like everyone here actually cares about each other and is willing to help each other out. It’s a really homey, welcoming community.