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Wayne Reynolds, D.O. '89

Wayne Reynolds

Wayne Reynolds, D.O. '89

UNE Experience

A Living Legacy to Support Aspiring Osteopathic Physicians

UNE alumnus Dr. Wayne Reynolds, D.O. '89, is a family practitioner who became only the second doctor of osteopathic medicine to serve as president of the Virginia Board of Medicine, and was the first osteopathic physician to serve as president of the Virginia Academy of Family Physicians. He has also held various professional board appointments at the state and national levels through the years. Just a few years ago he also established a pledge with UNE valued at approximately $500,000 to fund a scholarship for future COM students aspiring for careers in family medicine.

"I have high regard for UNE for helping to educate me in such a way that I've been able to do well financially and give back to society," explains Dr. Reynolds. "With the cost of post-graduate education becoming so astronomically high, being able to provide a sustainable scholarship was very appealing to me as a way to give back to the institution that has allowed me to do so well and help future generations of medical students."

It has certainly been a journey from meeting his best friend best friend Craig Ryan, D.O. '89, while working on a cadaver, sharing a waterfront home at Granite Point with two of his classmates, or working part-time in Ketchum Library, but Dr. Reynolds has always managed to fit in a visit back to campus throughout the years. He continues to look forward in his continued work and support of UNE COM and its future programs, creating more opportunities and acknowledgments for its many D.O. students. "Without UNE and the education it provided me, I would not be where I am today," Dr. Reynolds reflects. "The University helped create the foundation upon which I built my career."

Dr. Reynolds is a proud member of the University of New England Heritage Society.

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