Zoe Roberts

Zoe Roberts '17

Experiential Education

During my three years at UNE I interned at Biddeford Primary School (BPS) first in a general education classroom, and then in the special education resource room. My internships helped me realize my passion for education. I loved working with students and teachers, but I still wanted psychology to be a part of my future career. I was introduced to the school psychologist by my internship supervisor. After spending some time with her I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in school psychology.

I was also involved in the Reading Cognition and Comprehension lab. We learned how to design and conduct research studies, write proposals for conferences, and present research findings. In my coursework at UNE, I was able to pursue my often-varying interests and always found support and guidance when I needed it.


The skills I learned at UNE have been invaluable to me as I pursue my Ph.D. in School Psychology. My background in research and experiences in schools allowed me to hit the ground running when I arrived. I have been involved in several different research projects, presented at a national conference, and earned my master’s degree in Education. UNE helped me realize my passion for helping children learn and gave me the skills I needed to succeed in a graduate program.

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