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The Department of Chemistry and Physics has dynamic and energetic faculty members, who have specifically chosen to teach and conduct research in an undergraduate setting. They stress understanding of principles, critical thinking, communication skills, and strategies for effective problem solving.

In addition to being dedicated teachers in the classroom, our faculty members are actively involved in directing undergraduate research, an essential component of a quality undergraduate degree program in the sciences. Many opportunities exist for students to conduct cutting-edge research with a faculty mentor.

Members of the faculty have published the results of their research with undergraduates in peer-reviewed literature, have been successful in securing extramural funding for their research and curriculum development efforts, and often take their students to national meetings in order to present the results of their research.

Click on the links below to learn more about our faculty members and their respective areas of expertise.

Full-time Faculty

Amy Deveau

Assistant Chair

Associate Professor, Chemistry

(207) 602-2813

Morgane Hall

Dr. Deveau, named “Dr. D” by her students, is an energetic professor who primarily teaches organic chemistry. She also teaches courses in general chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and NMR spectroscopy.  Dr. D is passionate about undergraduate education and mentoring students in research, serving as a Chemistry Councilor for the Council of Undergraduate Research.   Also a member of UNE’s Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences, Dr. D’s laboratory focuses on the discovery of organic small molecules with therapeutic potential, across the areas... Read More


Organic and medicinal chemistry; small molecule synthesis; nitrogen heterocycles; marine natural products; organic structure elucidation; molecular modeling; green chemistry; chemistry pedagogy

John S


Associate Professor, Chemistry

(207) 602-2152

Morgane Hall

Dr. Stubbs is primarily interested in using computers to investigate and explain chemical phenomena.  His current research focuses on two distinct areas: DNA hybridization on a surface, an important problem for DNA sensor arrays; and supercritical fluids as separation media, which can greatly improve purification efficiency.  He is also interested in the hardware and software aspects of computers in chemistry, primarily using the GNU/Linux operating system and FORTRAN programming language.Read More


Physical chemistry; thermophysical properties; Monte Carlo molecular simulation; phase behavior

Eva Rose Balog

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

(207) 602-2608

Morgane Hall

Dr. Balog teaches chemistry and biochemistry. Her research interests include protein biochemistry, biomaterials, and biophysics.Read More



Structural Biology




molecular biology

Melanie DiLorenzo

Assistant Lecturer, Chemistry

(207) 602-2321

Morgane Hall

Melanie's interests lie in facilitating understanding and mastery of General Chemistry concepts emphasizing their connection to everyday life and experience. She focuses on demonstrating the connections between topics in order for students to see the bigger picture rather than interpreting chemistry one topic at a time. She enjoys meeting with students and mentoring students encouraging them towards success.Read More


General Chemistry lecture


Stephen Fox

Professor, Chemistry

(207) 602-2317

Morgane Hall

Stephen Fox hails from the United Kingdom.  He moved to the United States in Fall 1981.  As a graduate student he developed interest and skill in the synthesis of transition-metal complexes with chelating ligands.  As a post-doctoral scholar at The Johns Hopkins University he studied complexes that modeled the structure of cytochrome oxidase.  As a faculty member at the University of Louisiana-Monroe he initiated a research program involving a novel chelating ligand — naphthyridinediimine, to prepare complexes of two metals in mutual close... Read More


Bioinorganic Chemistry; synthesis of novel organic ligands; model compounds of metalloprotein active sites; coordination chemistry


Associate Professor, Chemistry

Interim Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

(207) 602-2261

Decary Hall

Dr. “K” is a physical organic chemist who originally hails from the wilds of Nova Scotia, but has made her home in Maine and at UNE since 2008. A two-time recipient of the Debra J. Summers Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence, she primarily teaches organic chemistry lecture and laboratory, as well as mechanistic organic chemistry and the chemistry seminar course, and is notorious for being very excited about all things o-chem even during her 8 am lectures. Dr. K engages undergraduate... Read More


Physical organic chemistry

organic photochemistry

laser flash photolysis

green chemistry.

Jerome Mullin

Professor of Chemistry

Ludcke Chair 2013

(207) 602-2870

Morgane Hall


Analytical chemistry

spectroscopic methods of analysis

fluorescence and chemiluminescence

environmental analysis

clinical analysis

Jill Tenny

Assistant Lecturer, Physics

(207) 602-2040

Morgane Hall

Ms. Tenny teaches introductory physics in a studio setting following the internationally recognized and research supported modeling method.  In the classroom, her goal is to foster critical thinking and problem solving skills, including analyzing scenarios, making reasonable assumptions, and finding solutions to problems.  She also strives to help her students see connections between what is covered in the classroom and their everyday experiences.  She co-advises the Chemistry Club and is a professional physics tutor in the Student Academic Support Center.... Read More


Physics Education

Physics Modeling

Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences (IPLS)

Physics Education Research (PER)

Timothy Robbins

Assistant Lecturer, Chemistry

(207) 602-2559

Morgane Hall

Dr. Robbins is part of the general chemistry instructional group, teaching both the lab and lecture. He also teaches courses in physical chemistry and surveys in chemistry and physics for allied health and occupational therapy students. As an instructor, Dr. Robbins focuses on developing students' conceptual understanding and improving their problem solving and critical thinking skills both inside and outside the classroom.Read More


Physical chemistry

Molecular Dynamics simulations

Nucleic Acids

Joe Simard

Assistant Lecturer, Chemistry

(207) 602-2480

Morgane Hall

Dr. Simard is primarily interested in the instruction of Organic chemistry in the classroom and laboratory. His primary area of interest is the use of active learning techniques in teaching chemistry in the classroom and laboratory, and in creating guided inquiry activities and laboratory experiments. He personally uses Process Oriented Guided Inquiry (POGIL) activities in the the classroom. Read More


Organic Chemistry

Process Oriented Guided Inquiry (POGIL)

active learning techniques

Deena Small

Associate Professor, Biochemistry

(207) 602-2224

Morgane Hall


Fat and Bone Cell Differentiation

Jagged1/Notch and FGFR Signaling Networks

Biological Effects and Toxicology of Polybrominated Diphenyl Flame Retardants

Assistant Lecturer of Physics

(207) 602-2039

Morgane Hall


Physics Education Research (PER)

Laser Microscopy

Psychology and Cognitive Science of Thinking and Reasoning

James V

Professor, Physics

(207) 602-2560

Morgane Hall

History and Research:

The moniker "Dr. V" is in veneration to his late father, an outstanding teacher in the Concord Massachusetts school system who went by the name of "Mr. V."  Dr. V teaches general physics and undertakes research in molecular self-assembly of four-stranded DNA and physics education.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Clark University with a dual major in chemistry and physics in 1982.  He graduated with... Read More


Physics education pedagogy

physical science teacher training

scanning probe microscopy.

biomaterials nanotechnology

yiben wang

Yiben Wang


Assistant Lecturer, Chemistry

(207) 602-2491

Decary Hall

Dr. Wang is part of the general chemistry and biochemistry instructional group, teaching both the lab and lecture. As an instructor, Dr. Wang's goal is to foster the development of his students' critical thinking skills so that they can become self-reliant learners. He also strives to connect chemistry to real world examples for the students in order to inspire them to understand and question all of the chemistry that occurs around them. Read More



Chemical Education

Bacterial Peptidoglycan

Professional Staff

Don Day

Chemical Hygeine and Purchasing

Don is a scientist/engineer who spent his entire career in the specialty coated papers industry.  He is keenly interested in all aspects of laboratory methodology - especially safe practices and legal compliance.  Don enjoys using his chemical background to “invent” new and improved products that employ unique coatings to achieve certain properties.


Chemical Hygeine

Industrial coatings

Organosilicone chemistry

Green chemistry


Laboratory techniques

Chris Ambrose

Chris Ambrose

M.S. Education

Laboratory Assistant, Chemistry

(207) 602-2139

Morgane Hall

Chris has been teaching General Chemistry I & II Lab at UNE since 2007. He enjoys interacting with students in their first foray into the exciting world of college chemistry. In addition, he collaborates with students in the SPARTACUS Graduate Fellowship and the Chemistry Club in providing onsite and offsite visits to local elementary, middle, and high schools.Read More


Chemistry Pedagogy

Headshot of Amy Berg

Amy Berg

B.A., M.B.A.

Administrative Assistant, Department of Chemistry & Physics

(207) 602-2714

Morgane Hall

Doug Eppler

Laboratory Assistant

(207) 602-2268

Morgane Hall

Doug has been teaching General Chemistry Lab I and II since 2007. He enjoys working with students in their first exposure to the world of college chemistry.

 Read More


General Chemistry