About the Program

Biochemistry is the study of the chemistry of life processes, and biochemists have been investigating the fundamental questions of how living things function for hundreds of years. However, the application of our ever-increasing biochemical knowledge to problems in medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, agriculture, forensics, environmental sciences, alternative energy, food science, and many other disciplines comprises an exciting new frontier full of opportunities.

Our Biochemistry minor is clearly linked to career opportunities in an array of highly skilled jobs related to science, medicine, health, and the environment, with opportunities across industry, government, and academia. Employers recognize that students of Biochemistry develop a wide range of transferable technical, analytical, and presentation skills.

The Biochemistry minor complements many existing programs at UNE, such as Medical Biology, Biological Sciences, Neuroscience, and Marine Science. As a student in these majors, you may seek to complement your foundational biochemical knowledge with the increased depth and rigor offered through the Biochemistry minor in preparation for research positions, graduate studies, and medical and health professions. The minor also includes opportunities for faculty-mentored research.


Required Courses Credits
CHE 350/350L – Biochemistry I: Proteins with Lab 5
CHE 351 – Biochemistry II: Bioenergetics & Metabolism 3
BIO 370 – Cell and Molecular Biology 3
CHE 307/307L – Quantitative Analysis with Lab or CHE 450 - Advanced Biochemistry Lab 3–5
Total Required credits 14–16
Elective Courses (choose at least one) Credits
CHE 280/280L – Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry with Lab 3
CHE 307/307L – Quantitative Analysis* with Lab 5
CHE 320 – Mechanistic Organic Chemistry 3
CHE 327 – Applied Physical Chemistry 3
CHE 371 – Physical Chemistry II 3
CHE 375 – Advanced Laboratory 2
CHE 405 – Medicinal Chemistry 3
CHE 417/417L – Instrumental Methods of Analysis with Lab 4
CHE 420 – Spectroscopic Methods of Structural Analysis 3
CHE 450 – Advanced Biochemistry Lab* 3
BIO 254 – Medicinal Plant Biology 3
BIO 305 – Virology 3
BIO 318 – Nutrition through the Life Cycle 3
BIO 232/232L – Microbiology with Lab 4
BIO 365 – Immunology 3
BIO 404/404S – Neuroscience** with Recitation 4
BIO 407 – Developmental Biology 3
NEU 205/205L – Introduction to Neurobiology with Lab 4
MAR 326 – Experimental Animal Physiology 3
Total Elective credits 2–5
Total Minor credits 16–21

*If not chosen as a required course.

**Enrollment eligibility is dependent upon availability and requires permission

Additionally, selected topics courses may be acceptable. Contact the academic director for more information.

There are no restrictions on counting a course towards this minor and towards other program requirements.