No matter what your major is within the University of New England College of Arts and Sciences, you can participate in undergraduate research projects that engage you in the process of creating new knowledge in your field.

Explore opportunities to work with faculty on projects in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. On this website, you will find information to help you identify potential research projects and to pursue funding for your research.

You will also learn about your fellow undergraduate students’ publications and presentations related to the research they are conducting.

We encourage you to explore these pages, talk to your department faculty, and challenge yourself to discover new knowledge and ideas through an undergraduate research project. 


number of undergraduate researchers awarded the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship in the past five years



number of undergraduate students who have given presentations at regional and national conferences during the last six years



percentage of UNE seniors who have worked with faculty on research projects, compared with 23% at all colleges surveyed by the NSSE

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Amy Keirstead, Ph.D., associate dean and coordinator of undergraduate research, is available to answer questions. Visit her office in the CAS Dean’s Office, Decary Hall 402, call her at (207) 602-2130, or email her at

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