Women's and Gender Studies

Women’s Studies focuses on the roles, contributions, and experiences of women, past and present, recognizing women of all backgrounds as whole and productive human beings. Similarly, Gender Studies explores the social construction of gender in a variety of cultural contexts. It aims to improve understanding of the situations of both women and men, and to employ gender as a central category of analysis.

The Women’s and Gender Studies minor introduces you to the key methodologies and concerns of these two inter-related fields and allows you to make connections between them and other disciplines.

UNE’s Global Education Program offers opportunities of interest to Women's and Gender Studies students, including a semester program in Tangier, Morocco. Situated at a crossroads of civilizations, Tangier is an ideal setting to explore themes such as human rights, women's rights, and Islam and the West.



6:00 PM

Lecture Center for Global Humanities Lecture/Seminar Series

Thinking in Dark Times

Roger Berkowitz

WCHP Lecture Hall in Parker Pavilion

Portland Campus