Allie Symonds
I wouldn’t be on the track I am — on the career path I’m on — if I hadn’t gotten involved in undergraduate research.
Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies
Mackenzie Deveau

Everything that I studied came together in a perfect funnel — that’s exactly what college should do. It’s a real, true liberal arts experience.

Political Science, Women's and Gender Studies
Jessica Laughlin
The learning I experienced at UNE, and cultivated through my Gender Studies minor, has given me the knowledge, the base, and the tools I need to do all of this, and to continue to do these things in my professional and personal life.
Women's and Gender Studies
Kristen McElheny
The minor shaped me personally because it taught me to look at everyday experiences through a different filter.
Women's and Gender Studies
Jamie Gellock
Working towards my WGST minor changed my original career path, as the courses were both empowering and inspiring, allowing me to see my full potential.
Women's and Gender Studies
Camille Smalley
My Women's Studies minor really taught me the broader context and perspectives in studying both history and culture. The field opened up to me the viewpoints of women, minorities, and other social perspectives
Women's and Gender Studies
Alissa Ehmke
The Women's and Gender Studies minor helped me professionally and personally develop a voice and have confidence in my voice.
Women's and Gender Studies
Brady Potter
Having a minor in Women's Studies and focusing on women in the environment helped me to foster my own relationship with the natural world.
Women's and Gender Studies