The Center for Excellence in Aging and Health (CEAH), established through a generous donor and institutional support, aims to advance interprofessional research to inform education, health care practice, and service. It will rely on collaboration with UNE’s existing Centers for Excellence and colleges.

The CEAH extends beyond traditional programs and reframes aging from the prevalent disease/decline model to viewing older adults as participants and resources. The Center will be expansive and dynamic, focused on varied approaches to aging, quality of life, and health through faculty and researchers’ collaborations, leadership outreach, and the partnerships it fosters as we engage with the people, communities, and the students it serves.

Although a draft vision and mission for the Center have been written, the founding Director will have the opportunity to work with the UNE community to revise the vision and mission statements as well as develop the specific directions and strategies of the Center.

Draft Mission

The University of New England Center for Excellence in Aging and Health strives to improve the quality of life and health of an aging population through research, with complementary education, advocacy, and service.

Draft Vision

The Center will collaboratively cultivate research programs across a wide variety of disciplines that will seek to address challenges and advance opportunities associated with aging.

Draft Overall Strategies

Emphasis will be placed on interprofessional strategies that focus on aging through a broad spectrum – from the cellular level to across communities, families, and individuals. When the lens of aging is applied to any program or field of study at the University, a potential focus for the Center is created. As a result of these innovative interprofessional and lens application strategies, existing University resources are leveraged as well as strengthened, and new initiatives are created to transform the landscape of aging.

About University of New England

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