Online Interprofessional Training

COMPtime: (as in “time for competency”) Competencies for Collaborative Health Care is the University of New England (UNE) Center for Excellence in Collaborative Education's series of interactive online modules designed to demonstrate UNE's IPE priorities to students, new faculty and faculty teaching. The modules are intended to be flexibly used and deliver multi-media explanations and demonstrations of a patient-centered approach to the core CECE competencies. They set the stage for all other interprofessional activites on campus.

  1. Introduction: Faculty and student perspectives on why an interprofessional approach is important.
  2. Roles and Responsibilities: Introduction to each member of the team and their collective responsibilities to the patient's care.
  3. Communication: Strategies for communication, including the TeamSTEPPS tools Teachback, Checkback and CUS.
  4. Teamwork: Definition of interprofessional teamwork, and TeamSTEPPS tools including iSBAR and Debrief.
  5. Leadership: Definitions of Leadership and Followership on the interprofessional team, and a conclusion to this chapter of the patient's care journey.

These materials are designed to:

  • Pique student curiosity about what others do
  • Demonstrate how common attitudes and goals are shared
  • Promote respect across disciplines
  • Enhance the process by which health professionals consider and choose to make referrals to colleagues from other health disciplines

Meet Pat

The modules follow a patient (Pat Chalmers, 31) through a six-month period that starts with a visit to her Dental Hygienist. She finds out she has type 2 diabetes via an ER admit for a broken ankle precipitated by bad balance and obesity. The team is introduced as she meets them, and the lessons demonstrate roles, communication, teamwork, and leadership through the team's interactions with her and each other.

COMPtime benefits from curricular development by UNE faculty and professional staff and professional script development by Cathy Plourde of Add Verb Productions and video and editing by media professionals including Holly Haywood, Ryan Eling, and the UNE Interprofessional Simulation and Innovation Center. Instructional Designers Shiva Darbandi and Anne Fensie assisted with completion of the modules, and Kris Hall served as project manager. Joelle Clingerman plays Pat, with the remainder of the cast being performed by a mix of UNE faculty, students, and professional actors. Full cast list available upon request. Voiceover by Emily Dennis. Funding provided by the University of New England, The Bingham Program, and the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation (Faculty grant leads: Shelley Cohen Konrad and Karen Pardue).