NEOMEN Research and Scholarship Forum

The NEOMEN Annual Research and Scholarship forum showcases resident original research conducted while a resident at a NEOMEN site (prospective or retrospective), resident case reports, student original research conducted while a UNE COM medical student or an osteopathic medical student at a NEOMEN residency site (prospective or retrospective), and student case reports (OMS III and OMS IV only).

Samples and Templates

Research Goals

The Northeast Osteopathic Medical Education Network Research/Scholarship Plan aims to provide a practical practice-based research/scholarship approach that (1) implements and coordinates the foci of postdoctoral research/scholarship; (2) prepares NEOMEN faculty to provide sound mentorship to medical residents; (3) provides support and assistance to residents and faculty; and (4) actively complies with AOA competencies. 

Overall Goal

To design, implement and evaluate a NEOMEN Research and Scholarship plan that institutes a faculty mentor training program intended to expand and improve research and scholarship mentoring skills of faculty; and through mentorship and other support techniques, increase NEOMEN Medical Residents academic professional skills in research and scholarship that apply to medical practice.


An advantage of these AIMS is that they focus research/scholarship resources on the individual osteopathic physician, both faculty and medical resident. 

We believe these aims and intents will build a research/scholarship agenda and that through its accomplishment all sites will be able to access and provide support and infrastructure to move faculty and residents to the next level of knowledge and competency.

AIM 1: Develop and implement a faculty/mentor research and scholarship training program


i. A mentor research online training curriculum has been purchased by UNE’s Office of Sponsored Programs (from the Michigan State OPTI) so that NEOMEN faculty can be prepared to assist medical residents in attaining AOA competencies in research and scholarship for graduation. This AIM should be accomplished  in 2010.

ii. A mentor training plan will be developed and implemented utilizing online and face-to-face instructional methods. This AIM should be accomplished by January 2011.

iii. A mentor manual for NEOMEN faculty will be provided to sites to assist with faculty training in research/scholarship mentorship. This AIM should be accomplished by January 2011. 

iv. The NEOMEN website will be revised and transferred onto the UNE portal, where faculty may access the research/scholarship online learning modules; reference documents; and administrative documents. This AIM should be accomplished by July 2010.

v. A mentor evaluation/feedback tool for residents’ use will be developed. This AIM should be accomplished by July 2011.

AIM 2: Establish a standard for resident research/scholarship by designing and implementing resident research/scholarship protocols, policies and assessment tools


vi. A research/scholarship manual outlining policies, terminology and protocols will be developed, using existing models from other OPTIs. This AIM should be accomplished by January 2011.

vii. An assessment tool for evaluating resident project proposals will be developed using existing models. This AIM should be accomplished by January 2011. 

viii. Endorsement of the manual and evaluation tools will be gained from NEOMEN members. This AIM should be accomplished by July 2011.

AIM 3: Establish a cadre of trained research/scholarship mentors and hire a research coordinator who can assist faculty and residents with related research/scholarship activities


ix. Cadre of volunteer faculty trainees will be identified and recruited from NEOMEN sites assuring representation across NEOMEN membership. This AIM should be accomplished by January 2012.

x. The NEOMEN Research/Scholarship Committee will be considered the “master trainers,” and as a group will design and implement a faculty mentor training program based on Aim 1 and 2 above. This AIM should be accomplished by January 2012.

xi. Master trainers and NEOMEN Faculty Mentors to be directed by Marilyn R. Gugliucci, Ph.D., NEOMEN Research/Scholarship.

AIM 4: Expand the number of presenters at the NEOMEN Annual Research and Scholarship Forum


xiv. Increase intern, resident, faculty, and osteopathic medical student participation in the forum. This is a continuous AIM.

xv. Link NEOMEN resources (mentors, training modules, templates for abstracts and/or posters) to potential NEOMEN Forum attendees. This AIM should be accomplished by July 2010

xvi. Change NEOMEN award categories to coincide with AOA Competencies. This AIM should be accomplished by July 2010. 

xvii. Continue to provide abstract editing and feedback to all submitting authors. This is a continuous AIM.

xviii. Maintain consistency of NEOMEN scheduling and location over time and provide new marketing initiatives.This is a continuous AIM.

Research Mentors

Eastern District

Natacha Esber, M.D.

Clinical Instructor of Internal Medicine
Kent Hospital
Warwick, Rhode Island
(401) 736-4555

Research Skills
  • Clinical research study design
  • Abstract construction
  • Poster and/or presentation construction
  • Case report construction
  • Research Topics
  • Diabetes management
  • Physical activity barriers
  • Quality implementation in hospitals
  • ICD-10 coding

Patricia Russo-Magno, M.D.

Medical Director of ICU
Kent Hospital
Warwick, Rhode Island
(401) 736-4555

Research Skills
  • Clinical trials
Research Topics
  • VAP and line infection prevention

Southern District

Vincent A. DeBari, Ph.D.

Professor of Medicine and Director of Research, Division of Residencies and Fellowship
School of Graduate Medical Education, Seton Hall University
South Orange, New Jersey
(973) 877-2813

Research Skills
  • Clinical investigation, especially epidemiology
  • Biostatistics
Research Topics
  • Molecular immunology and immuno-chemistry
  • Clinical chemistry
  • General internal medicine
  • Rheumatology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Nephrology
  • Pulmonary diseases

Martin S. Levine, D.O.

Steinbaum-Levine Associates
New Jersey
(201) 339-2620

Research Skills
  • Clinical outcomes research
Research Topics
  • Evaluation of patient outcomes

Judith E. Malinowski, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Clinical Internal Medicine
Saint Michael's Medical Center
Newark, New Jersey
(973) 877-5537

Research Skills
  • Quantitative Research: Statistics, study design, survey design, and research evaluation
Research Topics
  • Any topic (clinical or non-clinical) that can be examined quantitatively, e.g., medicine, professional education, health policy, and patient education.

Western District

William A. Jorgensen, D.O.

Program Director for Family Medicine Residency and Traditional Internship
Director of Medical Education
St. Elizabeth Medical Center
Utica, New York
(315) 734-3571

Research Skills
  • Reviewer
  • Editor
Research Topics
  • Chest pain
  • Educational programs
  • Birth weight

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