Our Values

A Core UNE Value

At UNE, diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to our core values as an institution. Cultivating a community that respects each individual’s unique lived experience and perspective is crucial to fostering the “healthy people, healthy communities, and healthy planet” that are the focus of our University’s mission.

We recognize that we must go far beyond written words to advance our ideals. We commit to implementation of policies and the coordination of programs and initiatives that support diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will be relentless in our desire to foster conversations that enhance open dialogue and discussion.

Living these values requires a daily practice within the institution and among members of our community. As we engage in this ongoing work, we grow as individuals, we become a better University, and we become a better neighbor and global citizen.

Our Commitment

The work of maintaining and improving a welcoming, inclusive, and vibrant community is named as an institutional priority in the University’s current strategic plan, which states: 

We believe the benefits of a richly varied campus community arise not only from the diversity of its people but also from a sense of belonging and the context this creates to explore and celebrate differences in backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, underpinned by a sense of cultural humility.”

The ideals of diversity, equity, and inclusion are advanced across UNE’s colleges and programs every day, within our community life, our curriculum, and our human resources practices. Over the past three years, UNE has put these values into action in a variety of ways, implementing numerous initiatives.

Because this work compels us all to regularly reflect, evolve, and improve, the University president charged a steering committee with actively assessing and advancing our diversity, equity, and inclusion priority. Under this committee, UNE is currently engaged in a Campus Climate Survey with Rankin & Associates, the results of which were reported in fall 2020. Through exploration of these results, UNE is seeking opportunities to further improve our culture and programs across all dimensions of diversity. 

Our Community

UNE strives to cultivate cultural literacy, empathy, and interconnectedness within our community. The Office of Intercultural Student Engagement offers programs, events, services, spaces, and other resources that help raise sensitivity and appreciation for the diversity of our community. Our Title IX coordinators oversee the University’s response to reports of sexual misconduct and discrimination, and provide educational and engagement programs to foster safety, prevention, and inclusion. Across the University, academic and cultural departments, such as the Center for Global Humanities, host events that educate and engage our community around topics of diversity. To support individuals who see or experience issues within our community, the Offices of Intercultural Student Engagement, Title XI, and Student Conduct collaborated to create a CARE Report.

Our Curriculum

UNE’s undergraduate core/common curriculum is designed to provide students with a foundational social-global awareness as well as perspectives on citizenship that encompass ethics, diversity, and civic activity. Our Morocco Campus and Global Education programs are designed to provide students with experiences that build cultural understanding and empathy. 

Our Human Resources

The University of New England values a broad and diverse workforce and is committed to offering a rich living, learning, and working environment. UNE is a founding member of the Diversity Hiring Coalition, a consortium of Maine employers committed to increasing the diversity of their workforces and striving to make Maine a more welcoming place for all people.

You Are Welcome Here