UNE’s Commitment to Addressing Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination and Harassment Under Title IX

UNE is committed to address and reduce instances of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence. Below, you will find information and resources about Title IX, university policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and other forms of power-based personal violence.

If you have any questions regarding Title IX, sexual misconduct, or the information on this site, please contact any of these offices for more information:


Title IX Investigator and Prevention Specialist


  • Jennifer DeBurro, dean of students and assistant provost for Student Affairs jdeburro@une.edu, (207) 602-2372
  • Ed Doyle, senior associate director for Human Resources, edoyle1@une.edu, (207) 221-4307
  • Janna Merritt, assistant director for Human Resources, jmerritt2@une.edu, (207) 602-2281
  • Ray Handy, associate dean of Student Affairs, rhandy@une.edu, (207) 221-4213
  • Heather Davis, associate director of Athletics, hdavis@une.edu, (207) 602-2629

The Title IX coordinator and deputy coordinators are responsible for overseeing and coordinating the University’s response to reports of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, stalking, and partner and domestic violence. Reports and inquiries can be made directly to the Title IX coordinator. All non-confidential reports will be reported to this position.

If you feel you have been subjected to sexual misconduct or discrimination, you should seek assistance as soon as possible.

The Judicial Affairs Office, Student Affairs

Shane Long, director of Student Conduct, Title IX investigator, slong11@une.edu or (207) 602-2105.