If this is an emergency Dial 911

You may also call UNE Security at Ext. 366.

Emergency Notification Sign Up

Emergency Notifications

The University of New England is prepared to meet the need for immediate notification as part of its Emergency Response Plan. We have numerous ways of distributing urgent information in the event of an emergency.

Students, faculty, and professional staff should familiarize themselves with the following communication methods. Some require contact information, so individuals are urged to sign up now at U-Online to update their emergency contact information. Once logged in, go to “Personal Information and Settings” and “Update Emergency Contacts.”

UNE uses Blackboard Connect, an emergency notification service that provides faculty, professional staff, and students with timely information and instructions during emergencies or other urgent situations that may directly affect their well-being. Blackboard Connect can send messages to the University community by email, telephone, cell phone and text messaging.  Blackboard Connect utilizes the emergency contact information provided at U-Online so please update your contact information.

Distribution Methods

University of New England website (www.une.edu)

The UNE website is a key means of communicating information related to major campus emergencies. Information will be posted on UNE’s homepage www.une.edu and linked to this Emergency Response website.


Recorded emergency announcements are available at UNE’s Emergency status line at (207) 602-2012. Individuals who have entered their cell or landline telephone numbers as emergency contacts will also receive notification by their designated numbers.


Individuals who have entered their email addresses as emergency contact information in U-Online will receive emergency notifications via email.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are a key means of communicating information related to major campus emergencies. Information will be posted on UNE's official Facebook page and Twitter account.

News Media

UNE works with the local news media to disseminate information about routine weather-related school closings, such as those due to snowstorms. These closures are communicated to local news television stations Channel 6Channel 8 and Channel 13

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