About Institutional Research and Data Analytics

Providing Data and Informing Decisions

Established in May 2008, the Office of Institutional Research and Data Analytics facilitates informed decision-making and supports assessment, program review, accreditation, and strategic planning by collecting, integrating, analyzing, and reporting varied institutional data and information.

The office also serves as the responsible unit for regulatory reporting of institutional data to the National Center for Educational Statistics and the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

Detailed PDF reports are available on this site by navigating to the reports link found under the menu above. Additional descriptive and analytical inferential reports on student persistence, faculty salaries, teaching loads, instructional costs, and productivity are available only to a select internal audience.


Headshot of Kelly Duarte
Director of Institutional Research & Data Analytics
Ed Doyle, Senior Associate Director of Human Resources
Senior Data Analyst, Institutional Research & Data Analytics

Fall 2023 Enrollment by the Numbers

Student Diversity by the Numbers

30% of U N E undergraduates consider themselves first-generation college students
18%: percentage by which students of color enrolled at U N E in on-campus programs across all levels of study increased in five years
33%: the percentage by which undergraduate students of color enrolled at U N E in on-campus programs increased in five years

Geographic Diversity

49 states and U.S. territories on-campus students come from, 12 countries U N E on-campus students come from, 52 states and U.S. territories online students come from, 11 countries U N E online students come from

UNE Employees by the Numbers


Number of UNE employees


Full and part-time teaching faculty