Frequently Asked Questions

Interprofessional Simulation and Innovation Center FAQ

How do I find the simulation lab on the Portland Campus and where do I park? 

ISIC is located on the first floor of Innovation Hall (21) on the Portland Campus (PDF). Parking is available in Lots 2,5,6,7,8,9,10 as well as Lot 11 the Bishop Street Extension Lot (secure parking with shuttle service to campus).

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What do I wear when I am participating in the simulation lab?

The Simulation Lab is considered a clinical site. Please wear the attire required by your program when interacting with patients/clients (uniform, lab coat, name tag, business attire).

Can I bring food or drinks into the simulation lab?

Beverages in covered containers (water bottles, travel mugs) are allowed in the debrief rooms only. You will be given breaks when you may leave the lab for snacks/lunch.

Can I take photos or videos in the simulation lab?

Because ISIC is a place for confidential learning where students should feel safe and supported, no photos or videos are allowed inside the simulation lab without your instructor’s and the Director’s permission.

Can I schedule individual practice time in the simulation lab?

Individual practice times may be arranged through your course faculty.

What can I expect during my simulation session?

Your course faculty will schedule, provide any preparation instructions, and be present during your simulation session.

Every simulation experience includes:

  • The Prebrief: An information or orientation session held prior to the start of a simulation activity in which instructions or preparatory information, including information about the simulators and any required equipment/supplies, is given to the participants. The purpose of the prebriefing is to set the stage for a scenario and assist participants in achieving scenario objectives.
  • The Simulation Scenario: A case study designed to promote learning in a real-life setting. Learners actively participate in the scenario or skills lab learning through experiencing caring for the patient/client or practicing procedures.
  • The Debrief: To conduct a session after a simulation event where educators/instructors/facilitators and learners re-examine the simulation experience to encourage participants’ reflective thinking and provide feedback about their performance.