Maine Trykers

The mission of The Maine Trykers is to engage children and young adults with disabilities in wheeled mobility that supports play, recreation, and social participation.


The Maine Trykers is a therapeutic bicycle program that provides adapted bicycles for children and adults who otherwise would not be able to ride a bike.

The process starts with a referral to the Maine Trykers, followed by an intake with the family to determine if an adapted bike, known as an Amtryke, is a good fit. If so, the process continues with a fitting, led by an occupational and/or physical therapist who will assess abilities, discuss goals, and take measurements. Then the team will work with the family to discuss what adaptive options would be best for the individual. The team will also help with fundraising to make the bicycle a reality. Once the bike is paid for and received the team will present the bike to the recipient and observe a short ride to ensure the bike is a good match.

A child smiles as they sit on their Amtryke
A group of Maine Trykers volunteers

How to request a bike

Do you know someone who would benefit from an adapted bicycle? Please contact Kathryn Loukas at to learn more about how to start the process.

How to support Maine Trykers

All of the Maine Trykers’ adaptive bicycles are funded through donations. If you are interested in learning more about donating and/or participating in a fundraiser contact Maine Trykers co-treasurer, Audrey Bartholomew.

Our volunteer-led staff is supported by Maine LEND trainees and faculty. LEND is dedicated to improving health outcomes for individuals with disabilities and values full inclusive access to physical activity and fun.

Maine Trykers is a 501c3 non-profit organization and is the Maine chapter of

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For more information, contact Maine Trykers president, Kathryn Loukas at