Huston's publications concern the worldwide state of families and status of women. She researched her first two books, Message from the Village (Epoch B Foundation, 1978) and Third World Women Speak Out: Interviews in Six Countries (Praeger, 1979), as she traveled through developing countries—Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Mexico. In these books, Huston provides a space for these little-heard women to speak about their political, economic and social concerns.

Her dedication of Message from the Village reads, "For those whose words are the basis of this book, with admiration and respect," and her introduction concludes, "Sharing each others' experiences, we become help-mates and friends, learning from each other. They were reaching out for knowledge. But so was I. I left each woman with a sense of regret. There was never enough time...The message they send is urgent."


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