College of Osteopathic Medicine announces recipients of Dean's Research Fellowships for 2012

The University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine  Research Committee would like to congratulate the following COM students who have received the 2012 Dean's Research Fellowship:

  1. Patricia Ruth Atchinson (Class of 2014)
    Project title: Assessing the variability in ASA physical classification
    Mentor: Angus Christie, MD, Maine Medical Center
  2. Caitlin Buttaro (Class of 2015)
    Project title: Testing VT201's ability to improve structural integrity of epithelium in human cell lines
    Mentor: Johannes Fruehauf, MD PhD, ViThera Laboratories
  3. Nicholas Church (Class of 2015):
    Project title: Development of a bioinformatics system for research on brain function in rats
    Mentor: David Mokler, PhD, UNECOM
  4. Zack DeCant (Class of 2015):
    Project title: Comparison of spontaneous movement frequency in opioid_exposed infants treated postnatally with methadone and morphine
    Mentor: Marie Hayes, PhD, University of Maine – Orono
  5. Tina Jumani (Class of 2015):
    Project title: Surveying medical provider attitudes towards donor breast milk for extremely lowbirth weight infants
    Mentor: Sarbattama Sen, MD, Tufts Medical Center
  6. Robert L. Zondervan (Class of 2015):
    Project title: Dynamic properties of the functional spine unit
    Mentor: Norman "Peter" Reeves, PhD, Michigan State School of Medicine

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