Forbes magazine names Portland area sixth most optimistic for employment growth this spring

Forbes magazine on March 13, 2012 named the Portland, South Portland, Biddeford area as the metropolitan area having the sixth most optimistic forecast in the nation for hiring this spring.

The net employment outlook for the Portland area is 19 percent for the 2nd quarter of 2012, based on a national survey of employers by ManpowerGroup, an employment services firm.

That number is based on the percentage of employers who anticipate an increase in staffing levels and the percentage who expect a reduction.

Maine's unemployment rate during the recession has been lower than the national average. The national unemployment rate for January 2012 was 8.3 percent while Maine's was 7.0 percent. 

According to the Maine Center for Workforce Research and Information, the Portland, South Portland, Biddeford area average unemployment rate for 2011 was 6.1 percent.

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