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2013 Arts and Sciences Student Research and Scholarship Symposium winners announced

May 15, 2013

Winners of the University of New England 2013 Arts and Sciences Student Research and Scholarship Symposium have been announced. The symposium was held Friday, May 3, 2013 at the Biddeford Campus's Alfond Forum.

This annual symposium allows students to present their research, classroom projects, art work, or other work done at UNE in either an oral presentation, poster presentation, or artistic display format.


Fifty-four oral presentations were made this year ranging from the "Photoresponsive Receptors for Binding and Releasing Anions" to "Mixing Promise With Politics: Upper Class and the Crisis of Marriage in the US," from "Gender and Authenticity: A Struggle for Authority in the Slave Narrative" to "You Smell! Testing the Detection of Male Reproductive State Via Odor Cues in Female Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta splendens."

There were also 51 poster sessions and art work displays ranging from "History of Girls and Physical Education" to "The Role of Klf7 in Neurological Disorders" to "Cooperative Foraging Behavior in Several Species of New England Birds." View a schedule of all the presentations.

Honors Presentations 

Oral presentations included honors thesis presentations by: Matthijs van den Berg, "DNA Hybridization in Microarrays: The Effects of Probe Density and Other Variables"; Anna Clabaugh, "Using Stomach Content and Stable Isotope Analysis to Identify Direct and Indirect Competition by Spiny dogfish, Squalus scanthias, on Sommercially Important Fish Species from Southern New England"; Cassidy Peterson, "Analysis of the Northwest Atlantic Spiny Dogfish (Squalus acanthias) Population Through Matrix Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis"; and Joselle O'Brien, "The Novel G-Protein Coupled Receptor, DopEcR, is Involved in Chemonociception in Drosophila melanogaster."

Award Winners

Each award winner will receive a certificate and monetary award from the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Oral Presentation

  • First Prize: Felicia Mazzone and Andrew May - Spatial Learning in Cows
  • Runner Up: ENV 313 class - Wetland Restoration: Science & Policy - Status of Impacted and Enhanced Vernal Pools on UNE's Biddeford Campus

Honors Thesis Presentation

  • First Prize: Colin Longhurst - Production and Consumption of News Media: Chomsky, Zaller and the Challenge of the Internet
  • Runner Up: Cassidy Peterson - Analysis of the Northwest Atlantic Spiny Dogfish (Squalus acanthias) Population through Matrix Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis

Artistic Exhibit

  • First Prize: Gavin Kuns - Studies of the Pottery Wheel

Poster Presentation

  • First Prize (tie - prize money split between two top poster presentations): Krista Boutin - College Women and World War II; Cassandra Simmons and Miles Hughes - Development of Trace and Delay Fear Conditioning Protocols in the C57/BI6 mouse

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