College of Osteopathic Medicine announces recipients of 2013 Peter Morgane Research Fellowship

The University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine  Research Committee would like to congratulate the following COM students who have received the 2013 Peter Morgane Research Fellowship:

  1. Sarah Calnan (Class of 2014)
    Project title: Treatment of Post-Electroconvulsive Therapy Headache with Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment
    Mentor: Mark Sutherland, DO, Maine General
  2. Andrea Cyr (Class of 2016):
    Project title: Baseline for Concussion Evaluations in Cyclists
    Mentor: Anna Abramson, MD, University of California—San Francisco
  3. Lindsay Katona and William Douglas (Class of 2016):
    Project title: Evaluation of a first aid training program among community laypersons (CLPs) in South Sudan
    Mentor: Charles Radis, DO, Maine Medical Center, UNECOM Clinical Faculty
  4. Erin Tuffy (Class of 2016):
    Project title: Exercise_Induced Pain Relief in Advanced Osteoarthritis and Activation of Reward Pathways
    Mentor: Tamara King, PhD, UNECOM
  5. Abraham Wei (Class of 2016)
    Project title: Effects of CD40 on Glial Responses to Murine Retroviral Infection
    Mentor: Ling Cao, MD PhD, UNECOM
  6. Colin Whitworth (Class of 2016):
    Project title: Identification of the Activated Signaling Complex of the Kappa Opioid Receptor
    Mentor: John Streicher, PhD, UNECOM