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Nor'easters women's basketball team featured in Press Herald column

January 31, 2013

The UNE women's basketball team, which was 12-0 heading into Thursday night's game against Gordon College, was the focus of a column by the Portland Press Herald's Steve Solloway.

The column, titled "So young and yet so good for UNE," interviewed Coach Anthony Ewing and the players about their first-place team, which has eight freshmen.

"Last year, with three key seniors who knew it was their last go-round, our practices were more business-like. It was a let's-make-sure-we-get-this-done attitude," said Ewing. "This year I'd say there was a little more unbridled fun and excitement in practice. I'm there to tell them we need to get better."

The column quotes or mentions team members Meg Gribbin '16 (in photo), Lauren Hayden '16, Sadie DiPierro '16, Alanna Vose '16, and Beth Suggs '13. It also includes photos of Suggs and Gribbin. Read the column

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