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Amy Deveau publishes organic chemistry test bank

August 21, 2014

Amy Deveau
Amy Deveau

Amy M. Deveau, Ph.D., associate professor of Chemistry and Physics, coauthored Organic Chemistry: Principles and Mechanisms - Test Bank, which was published in June 2014 by W.W. Norton & Company. The book is an instructor supplement for the first edition of Norton’s mechanism-centric organic chemistry textbook by Dr. Joel Karty of Elon University.

The test bank contains over 1300 multiple-choice and short-answer questions, along with detailed step-by-step solutions. Questions are organized by chapter section, and each question is ranked by difficulty and type. Questions are further classified by learning objective so that users can easily find questions suited for individual learning objectives.

Deveau has been teaching organic chemistry at UNE for eleven years and subscribes to mechanism-based pedagogy. She is presently adapting the questions and insights gained from the project to her courses at UNE.

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