College of Osteopathic Medicine announces recipients of 2014 Peter Morgane Research Fellowship

The University of New England’s College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM) Research Committee would like to congratulate the following COM students who have received the 2014 Peter Morgane Research fellowship:

1. Robert Abdu (Class of 2017):
Project title: Analysis of risks and outcomes of reherniation surgery for lumbar
intervertebral disc herniation with eight year follow-up in the spine patient outcomes
research trial
Mentor: Jon Lurie, MD, Dartmouth College
Co-Mentor: Marilyn Gugliucci, PhD, UNECOM

2. Aseef H. Ahmed (Class of 2017)
Project title: The effect of dry eye on TRP channel expression in corneal afferent
Mentor: Ian Meng, PhD, UNECOM

3. Shikha Goel (Class of 2017):
Project title: Screening novel TRPM8 agonists to find new treatments for dry eye
Mentor: John Streicher, PhD, UNECOM

4. Ariel McKennna (Class of 2017):
Project title: Investigation of opioid receptor expression on sensory fibers innervating
the bone
Mentor: Tamara King, PhD, UNECOM

5. Jonathan Packer (Class of 2017)
Project title: In vivo cardiovascular effects of atypical antipsychotics in a rat model
Mentor: Amy Davidoff, PhD, UNECOM

6. Navpreet Rana (Class of 2017):
Project title: Communication between physicians and nurses in the home about
treatment regimens
Mentor: Cynthia M. Boyd, MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Co-Mentor: Marilyn Gugliucci, PhD, UNECOM

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