David Livingstone Smith quoted in Al Jazeera article

December 22, 2014

David Livingstone Smith
David Livingstone Smith

David Livingstone Smith, Ph.D., professor of philosophy, was quoted in a December 21, 2014 article on Al Jazeera America, titled "Hard-living Idaho panhandle gets its fight back."

The article discusses the resurgence of boxing in Idaho’s Silver Valley, a former mining town and home of various boxing champions, which is now plagued with socio-economic problems.  As a means of engaging the youth of the Silver Valley, former pro lightweight Rick Welliver opened a boxing gym with the hope of giving area youth a sense of self-esteem.

According to the article, Smith, who "has done extensive research into man’s inclination to fight" at first "bristled at the idea of boxing as a solution to the problems in the Silver Valley."  However, the more he contemplated the idea, the more it made sense.

"You get cultural pockets," he stated.  "Look at Jamaican sprinters.  That little island has produced these incredible sprinters … It’s just what you do when you’re growing up.  And of course, when a few people have gained glory, it inspires other people to pursue that path."

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