Elizabeth De Wolfe discusses research in 'Penobscot Bay Pilot' article

June 25, 2015

Elizabeth De Wolfe
Elizabeth De Wolfe

Elizabeth De Wolfe, Ph.D., professor of history, director of the Liberal Studies Program, was featured in a Penobscot Bay Pilot article for her interest and research into a 1894 court trial titled, “The Congressman, the Mistress and the Girl Spy.” De Wolfe is also currently writing a book on the subject.

The trial in question follows a scandal associated with Congressman William Breckinridge of Kentucky, and his mistress, Madeline Pollard, who filed a lawsuit against him 10 years into their relationship.

De Wolfe’s passion for uncovering the full story was highlighted in the article, where she explains that her interest was peaked after stumbling upon an excerpt about it in a book titled, “Pollard Vs. Breckinridge.”

De Wolfe was quoted in the article about her mounting curiosity for the subject, stating, “I was thinking as I was reading, ‘Who is this girl who would sue a U.S. Congressman?’ I went home and did some research, and the more I looked into it, I knew this would be a good story.”

De Wolfe will be giving a lecture about the trial on Thursday, June 25, at 7 p.m. in the Nickels-Sortwell House Barn, at 121 Main Street in Wiscasset, Maine. To register, please call 882-7169.

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