Research by Neil Krulewitz and Tamara King cited in 'VeloNews' article

April 29, 2015

Neil Krulewitz
Neil Krulewitz

Neil Krulewitz, a second-year student in the College of Osteopathic Medicine, initiated a research study that was referenced in the May 2015 issue of VeloNews magazine, one of the most popular cycling publications.

The article, titled "Getting to the Core," discussed the benefits of core workouts to cyclers.

Last summer, Krulewitz was interested in undertaking a research project, and, as a cycling enthusiast, he decided to develop a study that examines the effect of core strengthening exercise on VO2max, the body’s maximum oxygen utilization, in competitive cyclists. He worked with Tamara King, Ph.D., assistant professor of biomedical sciences, and Craig Abrams, D.C., founder of CADC Chiropractic in California.

Abrams was interviewed by Velo for the article and shared the preliminary results of the study. The research team, joined by first-year medical student James Jennings, is in the process of collecting data from the second round of the study and will be completing data analysis soon.

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