Lara Carlson, Michael Lawrence and Cara Fowler publish research completed in Iceland

Lara Carlson in Iceland
Lara Carlson in Iceland

October 16, 2017

Lara Carlson, D.P.E., FACSM, CSCS, associate professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and the Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences, Michael Lawrence, M.S., Motion Analysis Laboratory manager and Cara Fowler (Applied Exercie Science, ’14), recently published their research in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

The publication is titled, “Agility and Vertical Jump Performances Are Impacted By Acute Cool Exposure.” The research was conducted both in Maine and on a glacier in Thorsmörk, Iceland as part of an Environmental Physiology course developed by Carlson. Outdoor sports teams may be exposed to acute cold stress during competition, which may affect performance, and limited research exists that has explored the effects of cold exposure on athletic components. 

Results indicate that sprint performance and blood lactate values were unaffected by the cool exposure; however, brief cool exposure appears to influence agility and vertical jump performances. The team’s results suggest that it would be prudent for athletes and coaches to consider the ambient environment when preparing for competition.

Read the paper.

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