Meghan May interviewed about the dangers of listeria

Meghan May

November 09, 2017

As the holidays approach, Meghan May, Ph.D., University of New England associate professor microbiology and infectious disease, is offering her expertise about bacteria that could be lurking in some of the foods included in your celebratory meal.

Romper interviewed May about the foods that could be most dangerous to pregnant women. Listeria, bacteria known to be found in deli meats, is less likely to be present in your holiday turkey. "In contrast to deli turkey, turkey roasted in your home is very safe to eat during pregnancy," she said. "Contamination of food by listeria usually happens during production/processing, and so the biggest danger comes from food that goes straight from production to your plate without being cooked in between."

May said pregnant women should still be careful about eating raw cheeses, unpasteurized milk, or pre-sliced veggies and fruits, and to avoid high mercury fish, like swordfish and shark, raw eggs, organ meats, raw sprouts and undercooked fish.

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