Susan Farady presents at American Fisheries Society meeting

Gillian Prostko, Alina Basilone and Susan Farady
Gillian Prostko, Alina Basilone and Susan Farady

September 08, 2017

A current student and recent graduate joined Assistant Professor Susan Farady, J.D., at the American Fisheries Society meeting in Tampa, Florida. Farady gave a presentation titled, “Moving Targets:  Should Fishery Management Be Revised to Meet the Challenges of Climate Change?”

The presentation examined federal fisheries regulations, and the challenges of enforcing them as warming and increasingly acidic ocean waters cause species to move to different areas. Farady explored how our legal and regulatory regime might evolve to effectively manage fisheries in changing conditions.

Marine affairs student Alina Basilone '18 and graduate Gillian Prostko '17 attended the conference as well to get up to speed on the latest in fishery management and biology, as well as network with other students and professionals. Basilone assisted Farady with research for her presentation.

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