UNE CAS dean Jeanne Hey interviewed about strategies for women in higher ed

Dean Jeanne Hey
Dean Jeanne Hey

November 08, 2017

Jeanne Hey, Ph.D., dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, was interviewed by Academic Impressions, an organization that provides professional development to those in the higher education field, for an article, published October 30, about practical strategies for women in leadership positions in higher education.

Hey was asked to describe ways in which she sees women with leadership potential holding themselves back from advancement. She answered, “Among faculty, some highly capable women with leadership promise undermine their advancement potential by failing to get promoted. This is most clear in cases of women associate professors who do not pursue promotion to full professor.”

Hey was also asked how she maintains confidence in challenging situations. She explained that practicing what she wants to say, either out loud to herself or to others, helps her maintain self-assurance. The practice, she said, enables her to “go into the situation with the confidence that comes from really knowing [her] stuff and articulating it well.”

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