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UNE community members raise money for brain safety at annual Michael T. Goulet Foundation Gala

UNE community members at the 2017 Michael t. Goulet Foundation Gala
Seth Davis, Alexa Wakley and Jennifer Malon from the Center of Excellence in the Neurosciences; Dani Deason, from the Office of Research and Scholarship; and Mike Lawrence from the Motion Analysis Lab

March 14, 2017

Several members of University of New England community attended The Michael T. Goulet Foundation Gala, an event that brings people together who have a common interest in advocacy around brain safety.

The foundation is a nonprofit founded in memory of Michael T. Goulet, who suffered a traumatic brain injury after a snowmobile accident. The Center of Excellence in Neurosciences (CEN) and the foundation have worked together at numerous outreach events to raise awareness for brain safety. They have partnered to stress the importance of wearing correctly fitting helmets to help prevent brain injuries in children. The CEN K-12 Outreach Program and UNE’s Neuroscience Club have also done advocacy work with the foundation.

The gala provides an annual opportunity to celebrate this relationship. This year, seven faculty members sponsored 13 students to attend the gala who have been active volunteers with the foundation. The UNE Office of Research and Scholarship and CEN also contributed to the attendance of six students at the event and provided platinum sponsorship for the gala.

Also in attendance were five CEN staff members, CEN Director Ian Meng, Ph.D., professor of Biomedical Sciences and CEN outreach faculty coordinator Michael Burman, Ph.D., associate professor of Psychology.

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