UNE Nutrition professor recognized as pioneer among registered dieticians

Anne-Marie Davee

November 07, 2017

Anne-Marie Davee, M.S. RDN, LD, assistant clinical professor of Nutrition at the University of New England, was featured in a video about the first seven retail dieticians in the United States.  The video was released at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Conference in Chicago (FNCE).

Davee was one of the first registered dieticians to be hired in the retail industry in the U.S. She was hired by Hannaford Brothers in 1990 as manager of Consumer Affairs. She responded to customer inquiries and disseminated information among hundreds of stores in five states. In the video, she describes her experience working in a corporate environment and the important role she played. “I was a food and nutrition expert, so I had the capacity to take the science-based information and translate it into language that customers could understand.”

Watch the video.

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