UNE’s Anouar Majid quoted in story about the potential of African wealth in university funding

Anouar Majid

Anouar Majid, Ph.D., University of New England vice president for Global Affairs and Communications, was quoted in a University World News story about the growing number of extremely wealthy people in Africa and the potential to turn those individuals into philanthropists for higher education.

The article draws attention to the need for more conducive environments for giving in African countries. Majid said governments should consider their tax structures and offer incentives.

"African nations need to build a culture of trust, encourage patriotism, and design tax systems that encourage giving," he said. "It is, however, important for universities to retain their autonomy, whether from state intrusion or from the whims of donors. Some major European universities are beginning to adopt the U.S. philanthropic model which allows not-for-profit corporations, including universities and colleges, to receive tax-exempt donations."

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