UNE's Isaac Stickney named to ADEA task force

Isaac Stickney

November 10, 2017

Isaac Stickney, M.Ed., assistant director of educational support and student recruitment in the College of Dental Medicine, has been appointed to the American Dental Education Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (ADEA AADSAS) task force.

The task force is composed of senior admissions officers from dental schools across the United States. During his three-year term, which begins in March 2018, Isaac will work to support the ADEA Division of Educational Pathways (ADEA DEP) staff in several key areas. Stickney will review and revise data elements, and assist with data manipulation, report formats, information transmittal protocols, and essential items related to the application service. As a task force member, he will also serve as a liaison between dental school admissions officers/program directors and ADEA DEP staff, addressing various issues and concerns and suggesting improvements in the application process.


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