'Portland Press Herald' story sheds light on crucial UNE anatomical donor program

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May 01, 2018

It’s not something the general public often thinks about – let alone discusses, but whole body donation – the donation of one’s body to science after death, is a crucial component in the education of tomorrow’s physicians.

The University of New England’s anatomical donor program was the subject of a recent story in the Portland Press Herald. The UNE College of Osteopathic Medicine has the only anatomical donor program in the state of Maine. In addition to being a critical resource for UNE medical students studying anatomy, the program has also been utilized by students in a variety of health professions programs at UNE and other schools around the state, as well as health professionals pursuing continuing education as medical procedures change. “As professions continue to advance, they need more intense anatomy training,” UNE College of Osteopathic Medicine Dean Jane Carriero, D.O., said. “Getting it from books doesn’t work.”

The Press Herald also spoke with second year UNE medical student Sarae Sager (COM, , who spoke at the annual memorial service the university holds for the families of anatomical donors. She said she and her classmates appreciate the donations and become emotionally attached to the cadavers they work with. “It’s really important. The bookwork doesn’t do it justice,” she said. “It gives you further appreciation of how complex the human body really is, and how much we still have to learn about it.”

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