UNE Morocco hosts Virginia Military Institute’s Brass Ensemble

Virginia Military Institute’s Brass Ensemble performs at UNE’s Tangier Campus
Virginia Military Institute’s Brass Ensemble performs at UNE’s Tangier Campus

The nearly two dozen University of New England students spending the spring semester at UNE’s Tangier Campus  recently enjoyed a special treat when the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) Band Company sent its prestigious Institute Brass Ensemble across the Atlantic to perform.

This special concert took place on Wednesday, March 28, in the auditorium at UNE’s Tangier Campus. It was attended by the 23 UNE undergraduates currently studying abroad in Morocco, as well as UNE faculty members and professional staff, and members of the local Tangier community.

Formed in 1989, the VMI Brass Ensemble performs more than 30 concerts, convocations, and ceremonies annually and travels throughout the US and Europe. It has performed previously at such elite venues as Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and the Royal School of Music in London. When planning a whirlwind tour of Morocco this spring, Ensemble Director of Music John Brodie contacted UNE Vice President of Global Affairs Anouar Majid to inquire about scheduling a show at the UNE Tangier Campus.

Said Majid, “This concert presented a tremendous opportunity for UNE to share our beautiful campus with a group of fellow travelers from the United States, and for us to introduce some of the best college musicians from the States to Tangier’s diverse music and arts community.”  

To learn more about the event and the seven student musicians who performed at UNE Tangier, visit www.une.edu/calendar/2018/virginia-military-institute-brass.

To learn more about UNE Morocco, visit www.une.edu/morocco

To apply, visit www.une.edu/admissions

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