UNE’s Anouar Majid interviewed by Morocco’s official news agency

UNE Vice President for Global Affairs Anouar Majid
UNE Vice President for Global Affairs Anouar Majid

Morocco’s official news agency, Maghreb Arabe Press, interviewed UNE Vice President for Global Affairs Anouar Majid, Ph.D., on the relevance of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI’s address to the nation on the 19th anniversary of his enthronement.

"As a Moroccan-American who has spent nearly 35 years in the United States, I am deeply encouraged by the call to action launched by His Majesty the King," Majid said.

Majid, who is also the managing director of UNE’s campus in Tangier and author of several books about relations between Islam and the West, says the king’s speech once again put officials and political parties on notice that disregarding the citizen’s interests is no longer an option.

“His Majesty is reminding us that public service is a sacred honor that must be treated with the utmost seriousness,” Majid said.

Majid highlighted King Mohammed VI’s call to political parties to attract new elites, encourage young people to engage in political action, renew their working methods and renovate their ways of working.

"Parties need to adapt and create new mechanisms for inclusion," he said.

Majid praised the Royal Guidelines for Integrating Youth into the Democratic Process by teaching them responsible citizenship, noting that demagogic rhetoric has become obsolete in the age of social media.

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