UNE's first home football game brings the community together

More than 2,000 fans came out to Blue Storm Stadium for UNE's first home football game
More than 2,000 fans came out to Blue Storm Stadium for UNE's first home football game

September 13, 2018

More than 2,000 fans filled UNE’s new Blue Storm Stadium in Biddeford to support the Nor’easters in their first home football game.

“The most impressive thing is the turnout, with fans from all over the region showing up,” said President James Herbert. “We have students, faculty, professional staff and families. It’s just an amazing day.”

Some fans traveled long distances to attend the game. The Portland Press Herald caught up with Wally Riordan, Sam Sclafani and Buzz Tremblay. The three men graduated in 1968 from St. Francis College, which in the late 1970s became the University of New England. Tremblay made the trip to Biddeford from his home in Boxborough, Massachusetts.

“We didn’t show up for the score,” Tremblay told the Press Herald. “We showed up for the event, the historic first-time football game. I don’t think winning or losing is the important thing.”

The Nor’easters got off to a slow start against Husson, but played better in the second half. Quarterback Brian Peters (Business Administration, ’21) hit Ryan Gaboury (Business Administration, ’21) for UNE’s lone touchdown in a 47-7 loss.

President Herbert said he is very proud of the players. With just two NCAA Division III games under their belt, Herbert says there’s plenty of room for the team to grow.

“We’re going to grow from here. We have very young players who are learning their way. They’re playing with heart and they’re playing with great sportsmanship” remarked Herbert.

Herbert was so excited for the first home game, a television crew from WCSH captured video of him doing push-ups on the sideline.

“Football is a big tradition in Maine. This is a special opportunity for us to be Southern Maine’s football team,” he said.

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