'WCSH' turns to UNE for nor'easter knowledge

Stormin' Norman

March 09, 2018

With the arrival of Winter Storm Quinn, WCSH took a closer look at storm namesakes around the state, including UNE’s own “Stormin’ Norman.”

Discussing the concept behind the mascot, Director of Athletics Curt Smyth said, “Nor’easters are fierce. Having a mascot that is able to symbolize that is important to us.”

Smyth noted that UNE almost rebranded roughly eight years ago, but the campus voted overwhelmingly to continue the nor’easter tradition.

UNE student athletes Jordan Early and Mitch Mullin described the energy on campus when storms are in the forecast. "Everybody on campus gets a little more excited about being a team being known as a nor’easter and being known as a powerful symbol,” said Mullin.

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